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We drastically accelerate your data-related queries, and handle large volumes of data with close to no memory usage.


Since July 2021, AlgoQuest System (including all the technology and intellectual properties) is fully owned by Celinvest SA.


AlgoQuest System is a super fast relational database management system, based on a technology initially conceived by inventor Elie, Ouzi Koskas. Our software is a lightning-fast database management system that addresses the demand for big volume combinatory queries to obtain responses that are not relied on statistics and can be supplied within reasonable timeframes.

SQL Queries

Our system was designed to work with standard SQL queries, meaning we are compatible with any system and database in the world leveraging SQL. It is that simple.

Fast Results

We answer in a matter of seconds with a standard laptop, when our best competitors take hours to deliver the exact same answer with costly hyper-optimized servers.

Ecological Approach

By optimizing the way we manage data, we provide our results on a single energy-savvy computer, while our competition leverages large energy-consuming servers.

What if you could speed up your database system by 10 times? or even 100 times?

The more complex the query, the bigger the time difference our system makes with traditional relational database management tools.

Data Visualization

Our system generates standard CSV files as answers, meaning that we are compatible with all data visualization tools. By integrating with these, you can generate reports at lightspeed. 

Data Security

We rely on no internet-based service, meaning that all your data is and remains on your computers. You control your data security and remain the exclusive owner of your data.

No Data Preparation

When your database is updated, new data is immediately available for querying, with no need for new indexation. Our system does not use indexes, and handles data with no preparation.


Audience Definition

We managed to identify in record time a list of anonymized customer IDs meeting specific sets of criteria over the last 15 years of relationship with the brand. Running such query would take up to 2 days of computing, while we managed to have it done in less than 30 seconds on a personal computer with no internet access.

Fraud Detection

Our answers are not statistical: we provide an exhaustive view of the database, and we are not subject to combinatorial challenges nor volumetry. This is how we managed to identify frauds on very large datasets, that may not have been detectable without our system.

Olap Cubes

Since combinatorial challenges are no-brainers for us, we are able to prepare dimensional tables for data loading in a record time. Such situation proves very powerful in cases when companies had limited time to update their databases during the night before the activity starts again in another country.

« It is easier to break an atom than to destroy a prejudice. »

[Albert Einstein]

Ownership of the AlgoQuest System technology

Following liquidation of AlgoQuest System SA, Celinvest legally bought in 2021 all assets of the company including the technology, intellectual property and all applications (present and future). Since Elie, Ouzi Koskas (the original inventor of the technology) sold all his intellectual property on his invention, including all potential future developments, Celinvest SA is now the only owner of the technology.

For more information, you may visit the Celinvest website.


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If you are willing to discuss the technology or consider a partnership, do not hesitate to reach directly Celinvest SA – AlgoQuest System’s owning company.

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